Audio visual training in Rangiora

This Sunday the 31st July I am giving an audio visual training in Canterbury for the Rangiora Photographic Society.

In May of this year I was fortunate to be able to attend the Trophée de Paris, and the organisers kindly gave me a lot of teaching materials including the training from the Dipartimento Audiovisivi della FIAF.

We should have a lot of fun discussing what makes a good audio visual and looking at some of the top examples from around the world.

Details are at:

Life catches up with us sometimes.

It used to be “be careful what you wish for”. Now, apparently it’s “be careful what you write”.

Shortly after last month’s stern warning about not taking competitions seriously, I received an email from the Tauranga Photographic Society congratulating me on being awarded champion in this year’s audio visual salon. The results are here.

My thanks to the organisers and judges. With that number of entries it is not a task I would want to do.

I’m looking for a way to make the entry available through this website, but first are a few technical issues to work through.

A talk on heroic age of Antarctic photography

Late notice I know, but I will be giving a talk tomorrow (Sunday) at Adventure Books here in Oamaru at 2pm on the heroic age of Antarctic photography. It is part of the Outside Art Festival and I will also be covering some of the history of photography, much of it generally unknown. The great Polar photographers didn’t appear out of a vacuum, and the technology of that time and its history helped shape their vision and what was possible to do.