Audio visual training in Rangiora

This Sunday the 31st July I am giving an audio visual training in Canterbury for the Rangiora Photographic Society. In May of this year I was fortunate to be able to attend the Trophée de Paris, and the organisers kindly gave me a lot of teaching materials including the training from the Dipartimento Audiovisivi della […]

Life catches up with us sometimes.

It used to be “be careful what you wish for”. Now, apparently it’s “be careful what you write”. Shortly after last month’s stern warning about not taking competitions seriously, I received an email from the Tauranga Photographic Society congratulating me on being awarded champion in this year’s audio visual salon. The results are here. My […]

Kudos to Canon

Moving home to a new region was never my “plan A”. High on my list of equipment that may not like being moved was the Canon iPF6300 large format printer.

Moving South!

My home here in Christchurch was thrown at least three feet upwards and sideways in the Christchurch earthquake in 2011. I have been lucky. I have been able to continue living in the house, I am on high ground and haven’t been flooded out, and I didn’t completely lose my income.

Switching to Fujifilm

After being with Canon since 2004, I’ve sold the lot and moved to Fuji. There’s nothing like burning your bridges to sharpen your wits and make you learn new ways. Photo and Video gave me a good trade-in, and there is still enough credit left over to cover the XF10-24mm zoom when it comes out. […]

Hello and welcome to the new website

We are up and running, but there is a lot of content to be added yet and quite some work to be done on layout. This blog is about news and the occasional article, sometimes photography related. I hope you find something that resonates as it develops. Comments and feedback are welcome via my contact […]