Getting feedback on your photographs

Very few artists have emerged from a vacuum. If you attend classes either privately or at art school you can expect to constantly get feedback on your work, for better or worse. But what about the rest of us? Here are some things that have worked for me.

Learning to photograph and the value of competitions.

Many people ask me about the usefulness of photography schools, photography workshops that will take you to “the next level”, and competitions. My opinion is don’t take them too seriously. They will certainly help you become a good photographer, and they will certainly prevent you from becoming a great one.

A talk on heroic age of Antarctic photography

Late notice I know, but I will be giving a talk tomorrow (Sunday) at Adventure Books here in Oamaru at 2pm on the heroic age of Antarctic photography. It is part of the Outside Art Festival and I will also be covering some of the history of photography, much of it generally unknown. The great […]