Learning to photograph and the value of competitions.

Many people ask me about the usefulness of photography schools, photography workshops that will take you to “the next level”, and competitions. My opinion is don’t take them too seriously. They will certainly help you become a good photographer, and they will certainly prevent you from becoming a great one.

“What is art?” (With a nod to Robert Henri)

The approach of Christmas. They say you can hear the dismal cash-register lullaby from afar on a moonless night when the chill winds from the fens stalk the living. Hmm, this time of year puts me in a strange mood. Here’s another thing that does it: the question “What is art?” It shows its face […]

Three ways we improve our photography

There are many methods used by photographers to develop their skills. But three really stand out. We work with them regularly to mature our vision, to bring clarity to what we want to express, and to refine the way we go about this. Here they are in no particular order.

Blue fungi and a tale of two histograms. ETTR Part II

In part one of of this post I looked at exposing to the right. That’s fine if you are saving your images as raw files and don’t clip your highlights too much. Software can recover some clipping within reason. But regardless of whether you are using ETTR or converting your photos to jpegs in the […]