Fuji X-E2 high ISO

I recently made 17×25 inch (43×63.5 cm) prints to look at the high ISO performance of my Fujifilm X-E2. I loathe pixel-peeping on screeen. To judge a camera’s sensor I want to see photos on a wall.

Switching to Fujifilm

After being with Canon since 2004, I’ve sold the lot and moved to Fuji. There’s nothing like burning your bridges to sharpen your wits and make you learn new ways. Photo and Video gave me a good trade-in, and there is still enough credit left over to cover the XF10-24mm zoom when it comes out. […]

Is this the ideal street camera?

On the 3rd of November I attended a street photography workshop run by Fuji and Tony Bridge here in Christchurch. From the range of models on offer for for the day I chose an X-A1.  I haven’t used a camera without a viewfinder before and I wanted a bit of a challenge. I spent ten […]