Moving South!

My home here in Christchurch was thrown at least three feet upwards and sideways in the Christchurch earthquake in 2011.
I have been lucky. I have been able to continue living in the house, I am on high ground and haven’t been flooded out, and I didn’t completely lose my income.

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Switching to Fujifilm

After being with Canon since 2004, I’ve sold the lot and moved to Fuji. There’s nothing like burning your bridges to sharpen your wits and make you learn new ways.
Photo and Video gave me a good trade-in, and there is still enough credit left over to cover the XF10-24mm zoom when it comes out.
Like every system it isn’t perfect and it won’t suit everyone, but I’ve spent a happy summer out photographing and I’m pleased with the results.
My backpack now weighs 2.5kg in total. One camera body, three lenses, sundry filters, straps, batteries and chocolate.
Some informal test reports coming soon.

“What is art?” (With a nod to Robert Henri)

The approach of Christmas. They say you can hear the dismal cash-register lullaby from afar on a moonless night when the chill winds from the fens stalk the living.
Hmm, this time of year puts me in a strange mood. Here’s another thing that does it: the question “What is art?” It shows its face immediately after the question “is this art?” (often referring to some new fashion).

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Is this the ideal street camera?

On the 3rd of November I attended a street photography workshop run by Fuji and Tony Bridge here in Christchurch. From the range of models on offer for for the day I chose an X-A1.  I haven’t used a camera without a viewfinder before and I wanted a bit of a challenge. I spent ten minutes setting it up and working out the controls and went out photographing.
Here are a few thoughts about its use for street photography. This is not strictly a review, just my impressions after two hours of use.
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