Kudos to Canon

Moving home to a new region was never my “plan A”. High on my list of equipment that may not like being moved was the Canon iPF6300 large format printer.

It has been a trusty workhorse but by the time I had set up my new home and had gotten round to running a test print, both printheads had failed. A very expensive thing is a printhead. In retrospect on arrival here I should have used a laptop to immediately get the printer running. I knew one head was reaching the end of its life but the other one should have been fine. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I put a call through to the service technician in Dunedin for Canon Business Solutions and he couldn’t have been more helpful. There was absolutely no messing about. After printing and emailing some requested data from the printer’s service menu, Canon met 95% of the replacement cost on the newer head. Relief.
This is a much drier climate than Christchurch. Even though the printer starts up once a day and pushes a tiny amount of ink through the heads to keep them clear, I now keep a bowl of water underneath the printer’s cover and also run a test print through every five or six days. Fingers crossed that will keep the machine running for while yet.