Moving South!

My home here in Christchurch was thrown at least three feet upwards and sideways in the Christchurch earthquake in 2011.
I have been lucky. I have been able to continue living in the house, I am on high ground and haven’t been flooded out, and I didn’t completely lose my income.

I got free of the Earthquake Commission’s institutionalised cruelty last Christmas after paying for a report from a structural engineer. I could then deal direct with my insurance company (State). They have been really helpful.
Christchurch came within a whisker of a total infrastructure collapse. You dig here for a water or sewer pipe and it could have moved three feet or more.
You may like to do the math as I did recently. Where you live, how many multi-story buildings could be demolished in a week, many containing asbestos, and the rubble be carted away and buried? Then how many could be rebuilt in a week to modern structural standards while the politicians posture and argue? Now calculate how many years it would take to tear down and replace 1500 buildings. Not to mention the thousands of private homes.
If I were still 25 or 30 I would probably stay. But I estimate I will be pushing 80 or 90 years old before Christchurch is really a good place to be.
Two weeks ago I found a really nice house in Oamaru. Up on a hill and lots of sun. I put up my home here for sale on TradeMe and it was sold in two hours. I have found some top teachers to take over my guitar tuition. I move next week.
Things will be quiet for a while on my website while I settle in. Emails and telephone numbers will remain the same.
God bless.