Talk: “Photography and the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration” in Hanmer Springs Saturday 18th May 7.30 pm

As part of my exhibition “South of the Drake Passage” I will give a talk about the images and some of the history of Antarctic photography.

The great polar photographers from 1910 to 1917 provide the example of how to beautifully document an expedition in a way that has formed the model for Antarctic photography. Their work didn’t appear out of a vacuum. I will look at how their vision was shaped by the technology of the time and its history.
I will also touch on photography’s unknown past. Its lethal development, why amateurs were encouraged to carry revolvers and how the camera contributed towards women’s emancipation.

Amuri Community Art Gallery
Cnr Amuri Ave and Cheltenham St,
Hanmer Springs
Date: Saturday 18th May 7.30 pm
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